Stand out online and attract the right customers with 3D Tours.

We can help you leverage cutting-edge immersive media to enhance the marketing and booking capabilities for venues online. With Matterport 3D Tours, venues can now provide customers with an interactive and engaging 3D Tour of their venue like never before.

Customers can now experience a realistic 3D Tour enabling them to walk through and interact with venues online, as if they were physically there.

Our national network of 3D technicians can help visualise venues quickly and affordably. Using a combination of 2D and 3D cameras to build a 3D model in 1.5-2 hours. Ready to be viewed online, across any device, within 24 hours.

To experience a sample venue in 3D, please click on the rotating 3D models below. We have included an interactive 3D Tour of the Stamford Presidential Suite, the eccentric Wunderkammer exhibition and the iconic Melbourne venue Golden Monkey.

Stamford Presidential Suite

Stamford Suite


Be Innovative

Realistic 3D Tours help customers visualise venues in their entirety unlike traditional mediums such as photography and floor plans.


Online Engagement

3D Tours are 4X more engaging than traditional mediums, meaning customers are interacting and investing their time inside your venue.

Worldwide Appeal

Worldwide Appeal

3D Tours are easily implemented on websites and are accessible from any location in the world on any up-to-date device.



Our monthly analytic reports provide venues with detailed information on how customers have interacted with their venue and the features they found appealing.

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