Real Estate 360 & 3D Cameras

For Virtual Tours

Provide your clients with a
comprehensive marketing package
and condition report within hours:

Benefits for Property Management

Complete marketing suite for less than a standard 2D floor plan.
All-inclusive Virtual Tour supports condition reporting.
Reduced number of open inspections.

Benefits for Sales
and Marketing

Increase digital marketing capabilities and online presence.
Generate 80% more enquiries about your properties.
Boost digital engagement by 300%.

Make your mark in real estate as
an innovative industry leader

Case Study - RE/MAX Elite

RE/MAX Elite is a widely recognised and highly successful real estate franchise with close to 20 years of operations in the Wagga Wagga, NSW area.

As a creative and adaptive agency, RE/MAX Elite wanted to distinguish themselves to potential renters and vendors in the NSW property market.

Combining Matterport technology with the CAPTUR3D system made it possible for RE/MAX Elite to produce an end-to-end marketing suite for their property listings.

RE/MAX Elite are now able to capture floor and site plans with their Matterport Pro2, and can produce stunning 4K photographs and Virtual Tours of their properties in True3D™ - saving time and money in the process, so that they can continue to give their clients excellent, low-cost services.

In the space of 6 months, RE/MAX Elite has produced Virtual Tours for 150 properties, with over 40,000 views through Real Estate portals, Facebook campaigns and their own website.


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