Prepare to Scan with a Matterport Camera

Preparation Guide

SCANN3D provides the latest innovative 3D scanning technology to showcase entire properties to potential buyers in the market. To ensure we deliver our services to the highest quality, please read the checklist below.

1. Clean up

Rule of thumb - how you leave a room is exactly how it will be featured in the digital twin.

2. Items to be removed

  • Washing baskets
  • Toys
  • Shoes on the floor
  • Magazines
  • TV remotes
  • Valuables
  • Close toilet seats
  • Pets/animals removed or restrained

These objects add unnecessary clutter to your space which is reflected in your digital twin.

3. Overall presentation

The most effective method to showcase your space is achieved by presenting your furniture, floorboards, and fixtures as you would for an open inspection. Please complete the following checklist to ensure the best result.

  • Lights and lamps on
  • Curtains and blinds open
  • All internal doors open

4. Stay out of frame

Unlike traditional cameras, the Matterport Pro3 and Pro2 rotate 360° and capture everything they see. So if you can see the camera, it can definitely see you. If there are children present, please ensure they are supervised the entire time.