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Interactive 3D Virtual Tour
Print-ready 4K Photography
Virtual Reality
3D Measurements
Schematic Floor Plans and Site Plans
Embedded Multi-Media

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How much is a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera?

$5,150+GST AUD. Our price is the same as Matterport's US pricing, however we then take into consideration conversion fees, customs, tariffs, import taxes and International shipping fees. This price includes free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Are there any ongoing fees?

Yes, you are required to pay a monthly or yearly subscription for your Matterport Cloud Account. Your Matterport Cloud Account hosts your 3D Virtual Tours and allows you to perform post-production edits by creating highlight reels, include multimedia content and additional labelling features. Basic Plan (USD$49 per month), Professional Plan (USD$99 per month) and Business Plan (USD$149 per month). Further Information

How long does it take to deliver within Australia?

Delivery is expected between 2-5 days depending on your shipping address (Shipped from Melbourne, Australia)

How long does it take to scan a regular size house?

A typical 1-bedroom apartment will take between 20-30 minutes to scan and a 3 to 4-bedroom property will take 60-90 minutes to complete.

What accessories do I need to purchase?

We recommend that you purchase:

  • an Apple iPad Pro (for larger storage and faster processing), OR
  • an iPad Air 2/Air, iPad 4, iPad Mini 4/3/2, running iOS 9 or later (Matterport highly recommends at least 128GB storage for optimal workflow)
  • Manfrotto MT190 Tripod or equivalent (suitable to hold 5kg)

What is the difference between buying from SCANN3D or directly through Matterport?

SCANN3D is the official reseller for Matterport hardware in Australia and New Zealand. We always have available stock which ensures delivery within 2-5 business days (depending on your shipping address). Additionally, we provide on-going local support and we will also provide you with a temporary replacement camera if yours needs to be sent back to Matterport to be fixed.

How can I view my 3D Virtual Tours using virtual reality (VR)?

You will need to download the Matterport VR application and then view through a Samsung Galaxy S6 (or above) and Samsung Gear VR Headset or by using a VR Cardboard and any up-to-date mobile devices.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we can refer you to an external finance company who operate independently to SCANN3D (we do not receive commission or in-kind payments).

Can I create a floor plan from my 3D Virtual Tour?

Yes, custom floor plans are available for $25.00AUD through CAPTUR3D.

Do I need training to use the Matterport Pro2 Camera?

Training isn't required; however, we highly recommend you scan your home or office so you become comfortable prior to completing your first commercial scan. Watch Instructional Videos

Does the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera come with warranty?

1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Do you offer live demos?

Unfortunately, we do not provide live demos, although Matterport have created a demo video here

How much iPad storage is required to scan a typical property?

A typical residential house takes about 50 scans and 450 MB of space on your iPad.

Can I use Matterport spaces in CAD software like REVIT or RECAP?

You can download an industry-standard OBJ file, which will contain both the 3D mesh and textures (OBJ file is an object file).

Can I capture outdoor areas?

You can capture exterior 360 views (spherical 2D panorama images) and include them in your highlight reel. Direct sunlight can interfere with a normal 3D scan so we recommend using 360 views for outdoor and sunny areas. If you would like to capture the exterior areas into the 3D scan we recommend you capture these on cloudy days, before sunrise or after sunset.

What are Mattertags and how can I use them?

Mattertags are anchored to points throughout the 3D Virtual Tour where you can add descriptions and multimedia assets such as - photos, video and audio files.


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