Give Customers Confidence
with Immersive Digital Twins

Get comprehensive and shareable previews:

Unlike 2D photos, the Matterport Pro3 & Pro2 Cameras create complete transparency.

Showcase spaces in an interactive digital twin to potential clients and event organisers.

Leverage existing e-commerce functionality and build client confidence to accelerate booking decisions.

Publish your digital twin directly into Google Street View. Be known for giving guests the true “try before you buy” experience.

Case Study - IKEA

IKEA are a world-renowned company dedicated to doing things differently. Following their online shopping launch across Australia, they wanted to provide their customers with an even more engaging way to view and purchase their products online.

IKEA Australia Multichannel Specialist Malcolm Haylett said the IKEA Virtual Reality Store was about bringing online shopping to life in a new, interactive way.

“The IKEA Virtual Reality store has been developed to support our online shopping service. We know that it’s important for customers to see and experience our home furnishings range. IKEA has recently made a move towards online retailing, but we want to offer the full IKEA store experience to our online shoppers,” said Mr Haylett.

“We know that IKEA customers like to look online for inspiration before making a purchase. The IKEA Virtual Reality Store is simply a different and more immersive tool that allows you to do that. Through the innovative tool you can stand in a room-set and visualise it as if you were there in person, and you can for example, see our full range of sofas or beds at a glance. In the IKEA Virtual Reality Store you self navigate the experience as if you were walking through an IKEA store.”