Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera

How much is a Matterport Pro3 LiDAR Camera?

The RRP for the Matterport Pro3 Bundle is $12,450 + GST. Contact our sales team today to discover any discounts or promotions on offer!

What is included in the Matterport Pro3 Bundle?

The bundle includes the following:
  • Charging Kit
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 3 Year Warranty (valued at $2000 USD)
  • 10 x Free Matterport E57 point clouds (valued at $890 USD)
  • 10 x Free MatterPak™ Bundles (valued at $490 USD)
  • Tripod with Mount
  • Hard Case
  • Backpack
  • Wheeled-Dolly
  • 2 x Door Stops

Can I get a Pro3 Camera without the accessories?

Currently, the Pro3 Camera is only available as a bundle offering.

Can I lease a Pro3 Camera?

Yes, you can lease a Pro3 from $253 + GST a month. Some Terms & Conditions apply, contact us to find out if you’re eligible.

What is the warranty for a Pro3 Camera?

Your Pro3 comes with a 3 Year Warranty, valued at $2000 USD.

How accurate is the Pro3 Camera?

You can get within +/-20mm accuracy at a 10 metre range.

What is the depth resolution of the Pro3 Camera?

100k points per second, or 1.5 million points per scan

How fast is the Pro3 Camera?

Less than 20 seconds per 360 rotation. This is up to 4x faster than the Pro2 3D Camera.

What size space can I scan with a Pro3 Camera?

The Pro3 allows you to scan large indoor and outdoor spaces, up to 10,000 sqm/hr on flat surfaces.

What is the recommended operating temperature?

0°C to 40°C

What depth technology does the Pro3 use?

LiDAR with a Class 1 laser

Why does the Pro3 use LiDAR, instead of Infrared (IR)?

LiDAR works by sensing objects through visible or ultraviolet sources of light, whereas Infrared relies on wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye. Where Infrared works really well for smaller spaces, LiDAR is more reliable over larger distances and can operate in direct sunlight. So the Pro3 uses LiDAR to offer you the ability to scan over big distances, indoors and outdoors.

What can I get from a Pro3 digital twin?

From your Pro3 digital twin, you can get BIM files, E57 Point Clouds, CAD and Schematic Floor Plans.

What are the differences between a Pro3 digital twin, and a Pro2 digital twin?

Superior computer vision algorithms ensure that Pro3 modals are higher fidelity and more accurate, even with larger spaces. This improved model creation means you get better-looking dollhouse and floor plan views, as well as more accurate in-model measurements, notes and Mattertags.

How do I pair my Pro3 with my smartphone or tablet?

Simply download the Matterport Capture app to pair your Pro3 Camera with any supported iOS or Android device.

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera

How much is a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera?

$4,950 + GST with free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

We always match Matterport’s US pricing, but take into consideration conversion fees, customs, tariffs, import taxes and international shipping fees.

How long does delivery to Australia take?

It takes 2-5 days to ship the Pro2 Camera, depending on your shipping address.

What is the warranty for the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera?

1 year warranty.

How accurate is the Pro2 3D Camera?

+/- 44mm

How long does it take to scan a residential house with a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera?

A typical 1 bedroom apartment will take between 20-30 minutes to scan, while a 3 to 4 bedroom property will take 60-90 minutes to scan.

Can the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera capture outdoor areas?

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera only has a limited capacity to scan in direct sunlight. If you need to scan extensive outdoor areas, we recommend purchasing the Pro3 LiDAR Camera.

What accessories do I need to optimise my Pro2 scan?

  • To use the Matterport Capture app, we recommend an iPad Pro or any iPad running iOS 9 or later with at least 128GB storage. However, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices!
  • Manfrotto MT190 Tripod or equivalent (suitable to hold 5kg)

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a camera from SCANN3D, instead of Matterport directly?

As the Official Reseller for Australia and New Zealand, we always have available stock to ensure the fast delivery of new cameras and the temporary replacement of cameras needing repairs from Matterport. We also give on-going local support to all our clients.

Are there any ongoing fees?

You will need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription for your Matterport Cloud Account, which will host your digital twins.

Find out more about Matterport subscriptions here.

How do I use the Matterport Capture app?

The Matterport Capture app allows you to easily manage the scanning process and upload your digital twins to the Cloud.

We recommend using the Matterport Capture app in conjunction with an iPad that has at least 128GB of storage.

Do I need training to use Matterport cameras?

No training is needed, but we highly recommend you practise scanning before completing a commercial scan.

Get some handy tips in our Preparation Guide.

How can I view my digital twins using Virtual Reality (VR)?

You will need a Meta Quest or Meta Quest 2 headset to access Matterport’s VR mode. Simply open the digital twin URL in the Oculus Browser app and select ‘Enter VR’. Read more here.

Do you offer financing options?

We can refer you to an external financer. We do not receive a commission or in-kind payments for this service.

Do you offer live demonstrations?

No, but you can find resources on the Matterport website.

Pro3 demo & Pro2 demo

How much iPad storage is required to scan a typical property?

A typical residential house equates to approximately 50 scans and 450 MB of space.

Can I use Matterport spaces in CAD software like REVIT or RECAP?

Yes, you can download an industry-standard .OBJ file which will contain both the 3D mesh and textures.

How do I create a floor plan from my digital twin?

Custom floor plans are available for $25.60AUD through CAPTUR3D

What are Mattertags and how can I use them?

Mattertags are anchored to specific points throughout the Virtual Tour, where you can add descriptions and multimedia assets such as photo, video and audio files.