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Why I love the Samsung Gear VR
Before you can understand why I love the Samsung Gear VR so much, there is something you need to know; virtual reality is hard! Now I don't mean 'just stay a little bit longer' kind of hard, I mean really really hard. To execute beautiful, immersive... Read more
3D technology for real estate listings
A great write up on 3D technology emerging into the portals. Click here to read more. Read more
SCANN3D 360 Video - New Zealand Expedition
SCANN3D is proud to announce that our first 360 video is now available for viewing. We recently partnered with Element Expeditions to capture 360 video footage in New Zealand over the three day expedition. As discussed last week, Youtube has recently... Read more
Aussie Techs to Star in Singapore
Thanks for the invite! We will be attending Techventure 2015 in Singapore. "A showcase of Singapore’s Innovation and Enterprise ecosystem, Techventure is the key platform to where the best technopreneurs and investors meet to network and build... Read more
360 Video: A 2015 Virtual Space Odyssey
The world of immersive technology has just taken a giant leap forward! GoPro and Google Jump officially launched their collaborative lovechild the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a game changing 3D camera rig capable of recording in every direction and... Read more
360 Video: A more powerful video medium
There is a new way to see and share your world through the use of 360 video. Youtube has recently implemented support for an exciting realm of interactive video that has now been made available to the masses. Imagine being able to let viewers... Read more