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IKEA Virtual Reality Store Launch in Australia
IKEA Australia partnered with SCANN3D to launch the IKEA Virtual Reality (VR) experience earlier today. IKEA is the first large retail store in Australia to launch a VR shopping experience, providing shoppers with a 3D tour of an iconic IKEA store... Read more
Metricon and SCANN3D launch take-home virtual reality headsets
Australia’s leading home builder, Metricon, has recently launched virtual reality to the mass market with the introduction of take-home VR headsets. The latest offering from Metricon’s interactive customer experiences invites prospective owners... Read more
Rone's Empty - Immortalised in 3D
PHORIA is a Melbourne based Immersive Media start up. It’s team leverage innovative tools like 3D cameras, virtual & augmented reality and interactive technology to transport you places. This is used by homebuyers looking to find their next dream home... Read more
World First Online Shopping Experience
The Block Shop has partnered with technology providers Matterport and SCANN3D to offer its customers a world first online retail experience. From this Sunday, August 28 customers of The Block Shop ( will be able to take themselves... Read more
Meeting of Styles 2016
For the first time since the International Meeting Of Styles (MOS) foundation in 2002, the graffiti-artist event invited Melbourne to host a three day event as part of the international tour which was held 1-3 April 2016. Since 2002, MOS has held more... Read more
Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016
2-8 May 2016 Where is the fountain of knowledge? We aren't quite sure, but Melbourne Knowledge Week was the perfect place to start looking. With big businesses trying hard to embrace innovative technologies in 2016, it has never been easier to engage... Read more
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