Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016

2-8 May 2016

Where is the fountain of knowledge? We aren't quite sure, but Melbourne Knowledge Week was the perfect place to start looking.

With big businesses trying hard to embrace innovative technologies in 2016, it has never been easier to engage, connect and educate users through the use of immersive media. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside large corporates like the University of Melbourne, REA Group and ANZ, however there has been one key ingredient missing… social impact.

Past projects have helped leverage our knowledge in 3D scanning, virtual reality and immersive video production, but have also left us constrained by strict commercial returns, budgetary restrictions and lack of creative control. This is why SCANN3D has consistently pursued social good partnerships and projects that keep us inspired and encourage an environment that helps us build a digital catalogue of unique spaces made freely available to everyone.

We love this city, it’s people, places and quirks that make it uniquely Melbourne. Which is why we are excited to have partnered with Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) 2016 for our ‘Virtually There’ exhibition. This year’s festival focused on inspiring designs and innovations, co-working spaces, start-ups and future prospects for the wider Melbourne community. So we partnered with the Australian National Trust to transform some of the city’s most iconic and eccentric landmarks into an installation that takes users on a journey through time.

Our event ‘Virtually There’ focused on the past 60 years of Melbourne’s history with a key focus on heritage preservation. What started with 2D sketches, still images and scale models has now evolved into 3D digitsation, immersive media and holographic dollhouses.

Our team would like to thank everyone that visited our ‘Virtually There’ exhibition over Melbourne Knowledge Week. We really appreciate the overwhelming number of attendees that took the time to interact, discuss and most importantly enjoy themselves over the three day event. We would like to thank the Melbourne Knowledge Week team for their efforts, long hours and hard work in creating an excellent week! Lastly we would like to have a special shout out to Martin Green, his team and the volunteers from the National Trust for keeping the exhibition open after hours and for providing us with such a unique heritage venue. The contrast between old fashion interior design, furniture and artwork against new technologies such as virtual reality, 360 video and 3D Tours was incredible!

Although this year’s Melbourne Knowledge Week has concluded, the ‘Virtually There’ exhibition will continue from 13 May 2016 until 29 July 2016 held at National Trust’s Tasma Terrace.