The Block VR Showdown

The Block aired its Grand Finale episode last night to over 2 million viewers with a virtual twist. During the episode the contestants discovered their anticipated reserve price using virtual reality (VR). That’s right, virtual reality! SCANN3D, a Melbourne based 3D Tour specialist partnered with Matterport, a 3D hardware provider, creating an Australian first in reality television featuring both VR and 3D Tours. The Block contestants were instructed by Scotty (The Block presenter) to use a Samsung Gear VR Headsets to search their apartments and locate Dan (The Block foreman) who was located randomly throughout each apartment from the lounge room, bathroom, cupboard and balcony.

Dan was the key to finding their apartment’s reserve price or should we say he was holding the key! Each couple had to locate Dan in their apartment holding the keys to their brief case that unlocked their individual reserve price. Fans of The Block all know that Scotty likes to ‘surprise’ his contestants, especially when it comes to uncovering their reserve price but it definitely caught the contestants off guard!

Last year, SCANN3D was lucky enough to create a 3D Tour of the winning apartment, Darren and Dee’s. This year, SCANN3D has worked very closely with The Block, Channel Nine, Jellis Craig, Hockingstuart, Biggin & Scott and RT Edgar to create 3D Tours of each couple’s apartment. SCANN3D was also welcomed to showcase their 3D Tours to fans of the show that attended The Block Open Day, on Sunday 8th November, 2015. Click here to see some of the fan’s reactions!

SCANN3D and Matterport worked to the wire to deliver the perfect VR experience of each couple’s apartment (literally completed 4am that morning). The Block contestants couldn’t believe their eyes, “I feel as though I am in our apartment right now! How is this possible?” said Ebony, “I found Dan. He’s on the balcony” said Dean.

SCANN3D have also made the contestant apartments available for viewing on SCANN3D’s website with the three highly viewed apartments currently being Shay and Dean with over 3,700 views, Ebony and Luke over 2,500 and Caro and Kingi with over 1,500.

SCANN3D has a national network that services the Australian real estate industry by providing 3D Tours, floor plans, analytics and much more to property listings. SCANN3D’s 3D Tours provide buyers with a simple to use platform where users can walk-through an inspect property online. Buyers both domestically and internationally can now save time inspecting multiple properties online, with valid buyers attending property auctions. SCANN3D’s 3D Tours allow buyers the opportunity to visualise the entire property and walk-through each area, giving them a greater understanding of the property.

To view The Block apartments please go to our website and view the Blog page for links to each apartment. If you are interested in our services please contact SCANN3D, [email protected].

Kingi and Caro Apartment 2

Whitney and Andy Apartment 3

Suzi and Voni Apartment 4

Luke and Ebony Apartment 5

Dean and Shay Apartment 6