SCANN3D 360 Video - New Zealand Expedition

SCANN3D is proud to announce that our first 360 video is now available for viewing. We recently partnered with Element Expeditions to capture 360 video footage in New Zealand over the three day expedition.

As discussed last week, Youtube has recently implemented 360 video as an exciting realm of interactivity. Through the use of 360 video you are now able to completely take control of a video and decide where you want to focus your attention. Awesome!

Throughout our 360 video you are able to drive a ski-doo, watch kite-skiing and see the expedition team in deep thought over an open fire within a man-made igloo.

SCANN3D believes 360 video will be a valuable and powerful medium allowing anyone, anywhere to tell their story.

Desktop: Click play to view the full experience. Mobile: Search 'SCANN3D 360 Video' via Youtube App.

Please enjoy our first 360 video and stay tuned!