360 Video: A 2015 Virtual Space Odyssey

The world of immersive technology has just taken a giant leap forward!

GoPro and Google Jump officially launched their collaborative lovechild the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a game changing 3D camera rig capable of recording in every direction and up to a whopping 8K (Full Ultra HD) which is well beyond 33 million pixels of awesomeness. This innovative device brings together 16 GoPros, world leading computer vision algorithms and Youtube to create and share these unique perspectives.

While the team at SCANN3D HQ patiently await our Odyssey rig to make its way to us in the mail, we have already been experimenting with 360 video for our clients in the property, finance and adventure sectors. All of which see great value in extending beyond two dimensional content, using 360 video to share brand values, connect with customers and ultimately tell a more immersive narrative by putting the user inside the story.

You will be able to experience our first 360 video next week, where we partnered with 5th Element expeditions as it takes a handful of audacious individuals into extreme polar conditions.

Be sure to keep updated as we progress along this 360 space odyssey together, it is sure to be a wild ride.