Apple's next big thing: Augmented Reality

Apple is a Company that doesn't like to do things in halves, this is why the team at SCANN3D are excited to see that the worlds biggest tech company is making its move into the Augmented Reality (AR) space.

For those questioning, what's that? AR is recognised as a technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a users view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. We envision a future where a home buyer can stand inside an unfurnished apartment, put on a pair of AR glasses and begin to design and populate their new home with fresh colours, furniture and art. Whilst a simple explanation, a much more elaborate representation is illustrated in this video here.

With Apple's most recent launch event rumoured to reveal a modified iPhone 6+, we're excited to lean more about the Company's long term movements toward the innovative field of AR. With this innovation we might see a future generation of iPhone's including depth sensors enabling a new era of 3D selfies, interior design and holograms.

Whilst Facebook's recent $2 Billion acquisition of Oculus having stirred great interest in Virtual Reality (VR), a consumer version is not expected to hit the market until the first quarter of next year. Meanwhile, the market and opportunities for first mover dominance in AR is still left wide open. With Microsoft's Hololens striking up worldwide appeal, it appears that Apple is hot on their heels, poaching one of Microsoft's lead engineers on the project, Nick Thompson.

Regardless of what new secrets are announced later this month, the future could not come fast enough. Which is why the team at SCANN3D are constantly researching new innovations in the VR and AR space. Using devices like Google's project tango both scan existing spaces and enable users to even navigate through ones that don't even exist yet.

Bring it on Apple, we are ready for you!