Off-the-plan apartments have never felt so real

Update: We have now launched PLANN3D, a dedicated website for off the plan content. View the website here.

We live in exciting times…

A new age of technological independence enables anyone from across the world to access valuable information in an instant, right at the click of a button. The accessibility of the internet has helped fuel a paradigm shift away from traditional, static and lifeless 2D content such as photographs and floorplans, toward engaging and immersive 3D experiences that help connect buyers with the right property for their needs.

Despite an abundance of digital content being made widely available online, the experience for anyone looking for an off-the-plan apartment often feels more like an outdated music clip rather than an insightful and eye-opening experience into what your new home actually looks and feels like.

This is all about to change.

The team at SCANN3D have been applying our 3D visualisation services to the residential real estate sector for the last year, visualising more than 500 homes across the country. Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership between SCANN3D, Australia’s biggest property portal and leading property developer BPM. Together joining forces to transform the online property ecosystem for good, launching the world's first 3D walk-through now live here.

This is the next frontier for SCANN3D and it all began when we noticed the lack of support for buyers searching for properties off-the-plan. Everyone sees the value in 3D technology; it’s a true representation of how we interact with the physical world. There was a clear opportunity to bring this technology to the apartment development industry. Providing users with a greater sense of spatial awareness, our 3D Tour places you inside an off-the-plan home and gives you complete control of how you perceive the space.

Virtual experiences such as these will continue to improve the consumer’s decision making process and help property developers such as BPM deliver better outcomes for their customers. Which is why REA Group, owner and operator of, approached SCANN3D in an effort to make our technology accessible to the world. Applying our off-the-plan 3D visualisation services to BPM’s newest development Shadow Play.

REA Group Chief Information Officer Nigel Dalton said this new technology is another way Australia’s leading property site is making the property process simpler, more efficient and stress-free for property buyers. “A property purchase is one of the biggest financial decisions people make in their lives. Buying off-the-plan is attractive for many people, particularly first home buyers, as it can be seen to be more affordable.

“We know that people looking to buy off-the-plan apartments can sometimes be hindered in their decision-making as they are unable to walk through it like an established property. This new technology helps consumers immerse themselves in a finished apartment, enabling them to ‘walk’ through it, to get a deeper understanding of what they’re buying,” Mr Dalton said.

This collaborative effort paints a refreshing picture into what the future of real estate looks like. Our CIO Tom Fraunfelder is already helping build our next iteration, providing an increasingly engaging and immersive narrative for the buyer. Including new features that help visualise a home at any time of day, record comprehensive analytical insights into buyer behaviours and even bespoke virtual reality (VR) experiences that rival physically being there.

“By partnering with we are able to provide the next generation of online inspections for the increasing number of investors searching for off-the-plan properties. We are incredibly excited to share our market leading technology, helping thousands of buyers make smarter and more informed decisions about their property purchases simply and joyfully” Tom explained.

Property developer BPM and 3D artists Gabriel Saunders presented the final piece in the equation. Working closely to compress the finished virtual tour down to 1% of its original size, optimised for web viewing. According to BPM’s Sales and Marketing Director Ashley Bramich, this new technology heightens the experience for consumers like never before.

“3D Tours help bridge the gap between traditional marketing and leaving it up to consumer’s imagination. Someone can now easily position themselves inside a finished apartment much in the same way you experience an existing property” said Mr Bramich.

This is the first official release of SCANN3D’s new off-the-plan virtual inspections and I can guarantee you that this is just the beginning.

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