IKEA Virtual Reality Store Launch in Australia

Click here to view the IKEA launch video

Click here to view the IKEA launch video

IKEA Australia partnered with SCANN3D to launch the IKEA Virtual Reality (VR) experience earlier today. IKEA is the first large retail store in Australia to launch a VR shopping experience, providing shoppers with a 3D tour of an iconic IKEA store to browse and purchase products.

IKEA wanted to provide their customers with an engaging virtual online shopping experience following the success of their online shopping launch in Canberra, Tasmania, North Queensland and Northern Territory.

IKEA Australia Multichannel Specialist Malcolm Haylett said the IKEA Virtual Reality Store was about bringing online shopping to life in a new, interactive way.

“The IKEA Virtual Reality store has been developed to support our online shopping service. We know that it’s important for customers to see and experience our home furnishings range. IKEA has recently made a move towards online retailing, but we want to offer the full IKEA store experience to our online shoppers,” said Mr Haylett.

“We know that IKEA customers like to look online for inspiration before making a purchase. The IKEA Virtual Reality Store is simply a different and more immersive tool that allows you to do that. Through the innovative tool you can stand in a room-set and visualise it as if you were there in person, and you can for example, see our full range of sofas or beds at a glance. In the IKEA Virtual Reality Store you self navigate the experience as if you walking an IKEA store.”

SCANN3D is excited by for the launch as it demonstrates that 3D tours and virtual reality can be successful in industries such as retail. SCANN3D aims to help 3D tour providers by unlocking new verticals that will benefit from utilising immersive media.



Metricon and SCANN3D launch take-home virtual reality headsets

Australia’s leading home builder, Metricon, has recently launched virtual reality to the mass market with the introduction of take-home VR headsets. The latest offering from Metricon’s interactive customer experiences invites prospective owners to explore over 90 different Metricon designs, all from the comfort of their own home.               

Coinciding with the building industry’s busiest period, with Metricon anticipating a 35% increase in February traffic to its display homes compared to its monthly average, the VR headsets will be available to potential customers in the market for a new home from February 2017.        

Utilising 3D tours previously generated by Australia’s leading immersive media company, SCANN3D, customers can browse virtual display homes with nothing more than their smartphone and Metricon VR headsets, available for collection from any Metricon display home nationally.   

Co-Founder of SCANN3D, Steven Kounnas, said the virtual reality experience is one that is ready for the mass market. “Consumers are hungry for experiences that are hands on and truly immersive, and VR ticks all the boxes. We’re excited to be working alongside Metricon to roll out the tech on such a large scale.”

Visit a Metricon display home to collect your FREE Metricon VR headset and experience a 3D Tour. To find your nearest display home, visit



Rone's Empty - Immortalised in 3D

PHORIA is a Melbourne based Immersive Media start up. It’s team leverage innovative tools like 3D cameras, virtual & augmented reality and interactive technology to transport you places. This is used by homebuyers looking to find their next dream home online, students exploring heritage sites from their classroom or even therapeutically by patients in hospital as a means to help reduce pain and anxiety.

Recently, we were invited by Melbourne based street artist Rone to help digitise the Old Lyric Theatre in 3D for his latest exhibition ‘Empty’.

This was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the value of 3D tours as a compelling tool to create a digital time capsule of unique landmarks, installations and spaces. Similar to our work and involvement with the Australian National Trust, we see immense value in preserving our cultural heritage for future generations to come.

Sadly, the Old Lyric Theatre is destined to be torn down in a few short months and sadly the history with it. We truly admire the statement put forward by Rone in his latest exhibition and were elated with excitement by the prospect of virtualising this unique experience for all those who missed it.

Experience Rone's Empty in 3D

Here we used a Matterport 3D Camera to scan the buildings interior. This nifty little camera makes the production of interactive media incredibly easy and fast. Quite literally, this was ready to view the very next day. What makes it ever better is that we can now go directly from this 3D tour into a VR walkthrough at the click of a button.

Users with Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR can walk through the exhibition from anywhere in the world and at anytime as if they were physically there. If you don’t have a Google Cardboard, simply hit the play icon and ensure your device is in landscape mode to be taken on a nice guided tour through the exhibition.

One interesting note, was that we enlisted the use of a scissor lift to reach the higher areas of the building, we believe this was the first of its kind in the world.

Behind the scenes 360:  

Here is a little teaser we made of the space coming to life. We leveraged a Samsung Gear 360 camera to capture the space as a 360 video too. Easily available on Facebook and YouTube.



World First Online Shopping Experience

The Block Shop has partnered with technology providers Matterport and Scann3d to offer its customers a world first online retail experience.

From this Sunday, August 28 customers of The Block Shop ( will be able to take themselves on a 3D Tour of The Block and buy what they see from the comfort of their lounge room.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be rolling out this technology to our customers,” said Julian Cress, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The Block.

"This is the sort of immersive engagement we have been wanting to offer our customers for a long time and now this technology has finally arrived." 

“Online shopping is quickly becoming more and more sophisticated and to be able to take our fans behind the walls of The Block and let them get up close and personal with what the couples have created is really exciting,” said Cress.

The technology has brought a fourth dimension into the online retail experience.

Trent Clews-de Castella, Co-Founder and CEO at Scann3d said “We’ve been working with The Block for three years and it’s Matterport’s technology that has been key to our success.

 “Within a short period of time, we have pioneered away from flat photographs and towards interactive and deeply engaging immersive media.

“When we started working with The Block in 2014 3D Tours had just been optimized across the portals, then in 2015 Matterport launched their VR Showcase which enabled Block contestants to navigate virtual versions of their apartments in pursuit of their hidden reserve price.

“Now in 2016, we’re working closely with The Block Shop to create a never seen before online retail experience. Each week, fans of the show can jump online and explore each room reveal directly from The Block Shop site.

“More importantly, using Matterport’s new Mattertag integration we can give users the ability to select products they like and click through to purchase within seconds.

“We’re excited by this new implementation, as we’re now witnessing these 3D Tours evolve into intelligent environments that connect with rich media, all in the one holistic experience,” said Clews-de Castella.

Fans can experience this technology first on The Block Shop ( this Sunday, August 28 at 8.30pm, straight after the couples reveal their rooms to the show’s host Scott Cam and judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer.  



Meeting of Styles 2016

For the first time since the International Meeting Of Styles (MOS) foundation in 2002, the graffiti-artist event invited Melbourne to host a three day event as part of the international tour which was held 1-3 April 2016. Since 2002, MOS has held more than 250 events worldwide which has attracted more than 500,000 spectators from various countries across Europe, Russia, Asia, the Americas and for the first time Australia.

MOS is a non-profit organisation that sponsors thousands of graffiti-artists from all over the world to participate in the international event with 300 artists participating in Melbourne’s event alone! MOS aims to create a forum for the international art community as a platform for them to communicate, exchange ideas and showcase new techniques and skills to the broader community. 

We were excited to get involved in this year’s MOS event with our team being able to capture 3D Tours of three of the many laneway's involved in MOS: Blender Lane, Lovelands Lane and a secret location we named 'Hidden Lane' (locations included: Hosier and Rutledge Lanes, Union Lane, Flinders Court, Croft Alley, Blender Lane, Electric Place, Drewery Lane, Lovelands and Whiteman Street and a number of "secret" spots in Footscray and South Yarra).

Our team believe in creating digital preservation of all art forms and Melbourne heritage sites because let’s face it...we love Melbourne! We look forward to getting involved in next year’s event and we hope to see you all there!



Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016

2-8 May 2016

Where is the fountain of knowledge? We aren't quite sure, but Melbourne Knowledge Week was the perfect place to start looking. 

With big businesses trying hard to embrace innovative technologies in 2016, it has never been easier to engage, connect and educate users through the use of immersive media. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside large corporates like the University of Melbourne, REA Group and ANZ, however there has been one key ingredient missing… social impact. 

Past projects have helped leverage our knowledge in 3D scanning, virtual reality and immersive video production, but have also left us constrained by strict commercial returns, budgetary restrictions and lack of creative control. This is why Scann3d has consistently pursued social good partnerships and projects that keep us inspired and encourage an environment that helps us build a digital catalogue of unique spaces made freely available to everyone.

We love this city, it’s people, places and quirks that make it uniquely Melbourne. Which is why we are excited to have partnered with Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) 2016 for our ‘Virtually There’ exhibition.  This year’s festival focused on inspiring designs and innovations, co-working spaces, start-ups and future prospects for the wider Melbourne community. So we partnered with the Australian National Trust to transform some of the city’s most iconic and eccentric landmarks into an installation that takes users on a journey through time.

Our event ‘Virtually There’ focused on the past 60 years of Melbourne’s history with a key focus on heritage preservation. What started with 2D sketches, still images and scale models has now evolved into 3D digitsation, immersive media and holographic dollhouses.

Our team would like to thank everyone that visited our ‘Virtually There’ exhibition over Melbourne Knowledge Week. We really appreciate the overwhelming number of attendees that took the time to interact, discuss and most importantly enjoy themselves over the three day event. We would like to thank the Melbourne Knowledge Week team for their efforts, long hours and hard work in creating an excellent week! Lastly we would like to have a special shout out to Martin Green, his team and the volunteers from the National Trust for keeping the exhibition open after hours and for providing us with such a unique heritage venue. The contrast between old fashion interior design, furniture and artwork against new technologies such as virtual reality, 360 video and 3D Tours was incredible! 

Although this year’s Melbourne Knowledge Week has concluded, the ‘Virtually There’ exhibition will continue from 13 May 2016 until 29 July 2016 held at National Trust’s Tasma Terrace.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What a massive year!

A lot of exciting advances have unfolded throughout 2015. We have seen Scann3d's immersive media explode into the mainstream arena through 3D Tours, 360 videos and virtual reality experiences. With VR starting out as a meagre concept more than twenty years ago, it has now witnessed huge advances in the last 12 months alone. 

With modern 3D graphics, mobile processing power and hardware affordability unlocking a whole new medium in digital content. Now more than ever, game changing experiences are right at your fingertips and the team at Scann3d are eager to pioneer forward in 2016 with some exciting new partnerships to help us get there. 

We would like to thank you for your support, enthusiasm and energy this year and look forward to shaking things up with you in 2016.



Melbourne Music Week 2015 - 360 Aftermovie

Scann3d is proud to announce the release of the Melbourne Music Week's 360 aftermovie. The incredible footage was captured during Melbourne Music Week which was held from 13th to 20th November 2015.

Scann3d would like to thank Melbourne Music Week for the opportunity to capture the week long festivities using 360 video. Scann3d was also lucky enough to capture a before and after 3D Tour of the renovations that took place at the flagship venue, the Former Old Women's Hospital.

Scann3d would like to thank Melbourne Music Week again for their support and we hope to see everyone there next year!



The Block VR Showdown

The Block aired its Grand Finale episode last night to over 2 million viewers with a virtual twist. During the episode the contestants discovered their anticipated reserve price using virtual reality (VR). That’s right, virtual reality! Scann3d, a Melbourne based 3D Tour specialist partnered with Matterport, a 3D hardware provider, creating an Australian first in reality television featuring both VR and 3D Tours. The Block contestants were instructed by Scotty (The Block presenter) to use a Samsung Gear VR Headsets to search their apartments and locate Dan (The Block foreman) who was located randomly throughout each apartment from the lounge room, bathroom, cupboard and balcony.

Dan was the key to finding their apartment’s reserve price or should we say he was holding the key! Each couple had to locate Dan in their apartment holding the keys to their brief case that unlocked their individual reserve price. Fans of The Block all know that Scotty likes to ‘surprise’ his contestants, especially when it comes to uncovering their reserve price but it definitely caught the contestants off guard!

Last year, Scann3d was lucky enough to create a 3D Tour of the winning apartment, Darren and Dee’s. This year, Scann3d has worked very closely with The Block, Channel Nine, Jellis Craig, Hockingstuart, Biggin & Scott and RT Edgar to create 3D Tours of each couple’s apartment. Scann3d was also welcomed to showcase their 3D Tours to fans of the show that attended The Block Open Day, on Sunday 8th November, 2015. Click here to see some of the fan’s reactions!

Scann3d and Matterport worked to the wire to deliver the perfect VR experience of each couple’s apartment (literally completed 4am that morning). The Block contestants couldn’t believe their eyes, “I feel as though I am in our apartment right now! How is this possible?” said Ebony, “I found Dan. He’s on the balcony” said Dean.

Scann3d have also made the contestant apartments available for viewing on Scann3d’s website with the three highly viewed apartments currently being Shay and Dean with over 3,700 views, Ebony and Luke over 2,500 and Caro and Kingi with over 1,500.

Scann3d has a national network that services the Australian real estate industry by providing 3D Tours, floor plans, analytics and much more to property listings. Scann3d’s 3D Tours provide buyers with a simple to use platform where users can walk-through an inspect property online. Buyers both domestically and internationally can now save time inspecting multiple properties online, with valid buyers attending property auctions. Scann3d’s 3D Tours allow buyers the opportunity to visualise the entire property and walk-through each area, giving them a greater understanding of the property.

To view The Block apartments please go to our website and view the Blog page for links to each apartment. If you are interested in our services please contact Scann3d, [email protected] or please call Dean Kominek on 0400 743 676.

Kingi and Caro Apartment 2 

Whitney and Andy Apartment 3

Suzi and Voni Apartment 4

Luke and Ebony Apartment 5

Dean and Shay Apartment 6



Melbourne Music Week 2015

Scann3d was excited by the opportunity to work with Melbourne’s Music Week (MMW) from Friday 13th to Friday 20th November 2015, which returned for a sixth iteration. 

Scann3d captured the progression of renovations both in 3D and through 360 video at the flagship venue, the Former Old Women's Hospital (funnily enough, Scann3d’s office) which provided an exciting new stage to celebrate Melbourne’s thriving music scene. MMW, which was funded by the City of Melbourne, features more than 75 per cent of all artists in the program being local Victorian talent. 

Please stay tuned for more incredible 360 video footage to be released at a later date.



Future Assembly

Scann3d was welcomed by the Founders of Future Assembly to exhibit at the two-day event held on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November 2015, Melbourne Showgrounds. The exhibition showcased A-list speakers including head of brand development for Instagram, Telstra's CTO and two CSIRO members to name a few. The exhibition was a huge success with thousands attending the two-day event, with Future Assembly only being a dream one year ago for both Co-Founders Andrew Chin and Ben Richardson. 

Future Assembly offered startup companies such as Scann3d, Re-electrify and Quanticare (all from the University of Melbourne’s Accelerator Program) an excellent platform to connect to both the domestic and international technology communities. Scann3d would like to thank Future Assembly again for their generosity and we hope that you are all able to attend next year’s event.



Back to the Future

What a day to be alive! We have all witnessed the 1989 hit movie "Back to the Future" come to real life with it occurring today, 21 October 2015. Yes ladies and gentlemen, today is the day that Marty McFly and Doc travel through time in a flying Delorean.

Running an innovative 3D company has its perks, being able to push the boundaries of whats possible and explore the latest technological breakthroughs available. We would like to take a moment to look at just how accurate the films vision for 2015 has been.

So what futurist predictions have been made since it's creation in 1989. Pink hoverboards of course!! How could anyone forget about Marty McFly picking up a hoverboard and altering his sons bleak future where he was bound for prison. So did the hoverboard prediction come true? Yes it did!

Lexus have created a hoverboard (unfortunately not in fluro pink) that uses magnetic levitation, to achieve frictionless movement. The hoverboard uses cooled liquid nitrogen which is combined with a magnetic surface to repel gravity as seen here.

What about Marty's automatic shoelaces? Yes, these do exist and you can purchase these trendy items that automatically tighten when you press your body weight down as seen here. These will put you out of pocket but definitely worth putting these on your Christmas wish list.

So what about the flying Delorean I hear you ask? Can we actually fly a conventional car? Well...yes we can!

Slovakian company AeroMobil have created a flying car that is expected to go onto the market in the next two years as seen hereUnfortunately, you are required to have a pilots license to drive/fly the vehicle (they never mentioned that in the movie!!). Fortunately for the Team at Scann3d we were able to fly around in the futuristic Delorean at the University of Melbourne today, as seen here. Or experience it in 360 with our Back to the Future tribute video here.

A lot has changed in the last 30 years, with a whole lot more to come in the next 30! 


Why I love the Samsung Gear VR


Why I love the Samsung Gear VR

Before you can understand why I love the Samsung Gear VR so much, there is something you need to know; virtual reality is hard! Now I don't mean 'just stay a little bit longer' kind of hard, I mean really really hard. To execute beautiful, immersive virtual reality experiences you need a big team of very talented people. But as there is not much money in virtual reality production currently, so we typically have small teams. Small teams of dedicated engineers, designers and artists who are phenomenally talented working to improve digital storytelling with blood, sweat, tears and passion. Virtual reality is hard!

Samnsung Gear VR hero image

Do you know what Samsung do well? Big, beautiful mobile screens. Do you know what Oculus do really well? Virtual reality. Samsung partnered with the best hardware product guys on the planet* to build them a VR headset. And I commend them for partnering rather than taking it on themselves, like some many of their contemporaries are undoubtable doing behind closed doors. For those who haven't yet used one, the secret is its not really a headset, it's just a couple of lenses and a frame, simply glasses if you will, driven by a Samsung handset.

This drives down costs astronomically and greatly accelerates the general consumer adoption**. How cheap? Well a pair will set you back only $199 but just this week Samsung have announced their next generation gear VR will be available for half that, a mear $99.

Any other real competitor is likely to be 5 times this price and leave you tethered to a computer. Talking of the tethering, as the headset is driving by your phone, mobility is the true genius of the Samsung Gear VR. Think about that, the only inseparable piece of technology you own is also the device that enables you to visit the virtual world.

Such a frictionless entry has been rewarded with valuable media consumption partnerships. Previously the biggest downfall to the Samsung Gear VR was it software. Now being driven by the powerful Samsung S6 handsets (with a beautiful big resolution of 1440px x 2560px on a dense 577ppi display), the device is breaking further into the mainstream with (hopefully) very capable software. Hulu, Twitch and Netflix are making their services available on the Samsung VR platform, and with this news came a very interesting guest blog post by the infamous John Carmack on the Netflix blog. So when CNN decided to stream the upcoming Democratic Presidential Debate in virtual reality, which platform do you think they turned to?

Samsung Gear VR image powered by a Note or S6 handset

The Samsung Gear VR is an inexpensive, user friendly, portable and very clever little device backed by some big partnerships, that will inevitably cement a foothold in the mass market for years to come, and may even defend from the fruity onslaught of Apple's upcoming virtual reality device. Whilst the performance is lacking compared to its tethered counterparts it greatly surpasses in value.

Will this change mobile buying habits? No, I don't think so. But it certainly influenced my recent decision making process - I now own a Samsung S6 Edge+. But then again I'm the type of guy to carry around my Gear VR and show strangers on the train, just to see the expression of sheer delight from experiencing their first, or simply a compelling, virtual reality experiences.

*Save from Apple or the Fitbit team.
** With loving help from Google


Scann3d 360 Video: New Zealand Expedition


Scann3d 360 Video: New Zealand Expedition

Scann3d is proud to announce that our first 360 video is now available for viewing. We recently partnered with 5th Element Expeditions to capture 360 video footage in New Zealand over the three day expedition.

As discussed last week, Youtube has recently implemented 360 video as an exciting realm of interactivity. Through the use of 360 video you are now able to completely take control of a video and decide where you want to focus your attention. Awesome!

Throughout our 360 video you are able to drive a ski-doo, watch kite-skiing and see the expedition team in deep thought over an open fire within a man-made igloo.

Scann3d believes 360 video will be a valuable and powerful medium allowing anyone, anywhere to tell their story.

Desktop: Click play to view the full experience.
Mobile: Search 'Scann3d 360 Video' via Youtube App.

Please enjoy our first 360 video and stay tuned!


Aussie Techs to Star in Singapore


Aussie Techs to Star in Singapore


Thanks for the invite!

We will be attending Techventure 2015 in Singapore.

"A showcase of Singapore’s Innovation and Enterprise ecosystem, Techventure is the key platform to where the best technopreneurs and investors meet to network and build partnerships and translate innovative ideas into reality." - Techventure

Our CEO, will be demonstrating our Scann3d and Plann3d products and the potential avenues into the unknown. 

More information about the other tech stars can be found here.

Watch this space to find out more!


360 Video: A 2015 Virtual Space Odyssey


360 Video: A 2015 Virtual Space Odyssey

The world of immersive technology has just taken a giant leap forward!

GoPro and Google Jump officially launched their collaborative lovechild the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a game changing 3D camera rig capable of recording in every direction and up to a whopping 8K (Full Ultra HD) which is well beyond 33 million pixels of awesomeness. This innovative device brings together 16 GoPros, world leading computer vision algorithms and Youtube to create and share these unique perspectives. 

While the team at Scann3d HQ patiently await our Odyssey rig to make its way to us in the mail, we have already been experimenting with 360 video for our clients in the property, finance and adventure sectors. All of which see great value in extending beyond two dimensional content, using 360 video to share brand values, connect with customers and ultimately tell a more immersive narrative by putting the user inside the story.

You will be able to experience our first 360 video next week, where we partnered with 5th Element expeditions as it takes a handful of audacious individuals into extreme polar conditions. 

Be sure to keep updated as we progress along this 360 space odyssey together, it is sure to be a wild ride.  


360 Video: A more powerful video medium


360 Video: A more powerful video medium


There is a new way to see and share your world through the use of 360 video.

Youtube has recently implemented support for an exciting realm of interactive video that has now been made available to the masses.

Imagine being able to let viewers see the stage and the crowd of your concert, or being able to soak up sweeping views from any level in any direction of an off-the-plan apartment, or you could even have a choose-your-own-adventure video where people see a different story depending on where they look.

We envision this new tool strengthening the powerful medium of storytelling and that is why we use 360 video to immerse you in a virtual space, accessible through any modern smartphone.

This week at Scann3d, we are exploring how 360 video is set to transform the way brands engage customers, developers showcase flagship homes and even how adventurers are using 360 video to share their spine tingling journeys with you like never before.

If you see the value in video as a medium, then stay tuned as 360 video is about to shake things up.


Apple's next big thing: Augmented Reality


Apple's next big thing: Augmented Reality

Apple is a Company that doesn't like to do things in halves, this is why the team at Scann3d are excited to see that the worlds biggest tech company is making its move into the Augmented Reality (AR) space. 

For those questioning, what's that? AR is recognised as a technology that superimposes a computer generated image on a users view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. We envision a future where a home buyer can stand inside an unfurnished apartment, put on a pair of AR glasses and begin to design and populate their new home with fresh colours, furniture and art. Whilst a simple explanation, a much more elaborate representation is illustrated in this video here. 

With Apple's most recent launch event rumoured to reveal a modified iPhone 6+, we're  excited to lean more about the Company's long term movements toward the innovative field of AR.  With this innovation we might see a future generation of iPhone's including depth sensors enabling a new era of 3D selfies, interior design and holograms.

Whilst Facebook's recent $2 Billion acquisition of Oculus having stirred great interest in Virtual Reality (VR), a consumer version is not expected to hit the market until the first quarter of next year. Meanwhile, the market and opportunities for first mover dominance in AR is still left wide open. With Microsoft's Hololens striking up worldwide appeal, it appears that Apple is hot on their heels, poaching one of Microsoft's lead engineers on the project, Nick Thompson.

Regardless of what new secrets are announced later this month, the future could not come fast enough. Which is why the team at Scann3d are constantly researching new innovations in the VR and AR space. Using devices like Google's project tango both scan existing spaces and enable users to even navigate through ones that don't even exist yet.

Bring it on Apple, we are ready for you!


Comment goes 3D

Scann3d has been working closely with Australia's real estate portals to help improve the way property is bought and sold online. Today is an exciting day, with releasing a whole new level of support for Scann3d's 3D Tours on their platform.

Properties with a Scann3d 3D Tour can now benefit from the following:

  • Increased engagement on property profiles with 3D listings
  • Buyers are instantly presented with a 3D Tour, driving a higher conversion and click through 
  • Embed interactive 3D Tours onto property portals on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Scann3d content is uploaded instantly, it couldn't be easier.

We are really excited to help drive 3D technology into the real estate property ecosystem. 

Watch this space, as our team builds the next generation of 3D tools that are set to revolutionize the real estate industry.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at [email protected]



Faster 3D Tours

Yesterday we released a significantly faster version of our 3D Tours, powered by a global Content Delivery Network and enhanced model processing. Our 3D Tour users will experience faster load times and smooth transitions on desktop and mobile devices. As a result, users will spend more time engaging with our 3D Tours.

  • Loading Time: From the first click to the initial view of the model, 3D Tours load up to ten times faster. Mobile users, international users, Facebook users, and users of large 3D models will experience the greatest benefits.
  • Navigation: High resolution inside views load up to three times faster. Users can seamlessly walk through 3D Tours, as if they were physically present.

All 3D tours, existing and new, will benefit from the above features. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]


Off-the-plan apartments have never felt so real


Off-the-plan apartments have never felt so real


Update: We have now launched Plann3d, a dedicated website for off the plan content. View the website here.

We live in exciting times...

A new age of technological independence enables anyone from across the world to access valuable information in an instant, right at the click of a button. The accessibility of the internet has helped fuel a paradigm shift away from traditional, static and lifeless 2D content such as photographs and floorplans, toward engaging and immersive 3D experiences that help connect buyers with the right property for their needs.

Despite an abundance of digital content being made widely available online, the experience for anyone looking for an off-the-plan apartment often feels more like an outdated music clip rather than an insightful and eye-opening experience into what your new home actually looks and feels like.

This is all about to change.

The team at Scann3d have been applying our 3D visualisation services to the residential real estate sector for the last year, visualising more than 500 homes across the country. Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership between Scann3d, Australia’s biggest property portal and leading property developer BPM. Together joining forces to transform the online property ecosystem for good, launching the world's first 3D walk-through now live here.

This is the next frontier for Scann3d and it all began when we noticed the lack of support for buyers searching for properties off-the-plan. Everyone sees the value in 3D technology; it’s a true representation of how we interact with the physical world. There was a clear opportunity to bring this technology to the apartment development industry. Providing users with a greater sense of spatial awareness, our 3D Tour places you inside an off-the-plan home and gives you complete control of how you perceive the space.

Virtual experiences such as these will continue to improve the consumer’s decision making process and help property developers such as BPM deliver better outcomes for their customers. Which is why REA Group, owner and operator of, approached Scann3d in an effort to make our technology accessible to the world. Applying our off-the-plan 3D visualisation services to BPM’s newest development Shadow Play.

REA Group Chief Information Officer Nigel Dalton said this new technology is another way Australia’s leading property site is making the property process simpler, more efficient and stress-free for property buyers. “A property purchase is one of the biggest financial decisions people make in their lives. Buying off-the-plan is attractive for many people, particularly first home buyers, as it can be seen to be more affordable.

“We know that people looking to buy off-the-plan apartments can sometimes be hindered in their decision-making as they are unable to walk through it like an established property. This new technology helps consumers immerse themselves in a finished apartment, enabling them to ‘walk’ through it, to get a deeper understanding of what they’re buying,” Mr Dalton said.

This collaborative effort paints a refreshing picture into what the future of real estate looks like. Our CIO Tom Fraunfelder is already helping build our next iteration, providing an increasingly engaging and immersive narrative for the buyer. Including new features that help visualise a home at any time of day, record comprehensive analytical insights into buyer behaviours and even bespoke virtual reality (VR) experiences that rival physically being there.  

“By partnering with we are able to provide the next generation of online inspections for the increasing number of investors searching for off-the-plan properties. We are incredibly excited to share our market leading technology, helping thousands of buyers make smarter and more informed decisions about their property purchases simply and joyfully” Tom explained.

Property developer BPM and 3D artists Gabriel Saunders presented the final piece in the equation. Working closely to compress the finished virtual tour down to 1% of its original size, optimised for web viewing. According to BPM’s Sales and Marketing Director Ashley Bramich, this new technology heightens the experience for consumers like never before.

“3D Tours help bridge the gap between traditional marketing and leaving it up to consumer’s imagination. Someone can now easily position themselves inside a finished apartment much in the same way you experience an existing property” said Mr Bramich.

This is the first official release of Scann3d’s new off-the-plan virtual inspections and I can guarantee you that this is just the beginning.

See it first on desktop today at

For more information, feedback and enquiries please get in touch with us at [email protected] or visit our new website