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As Australia's leading immersive media company and Matterport's official local reseller, we have the tools and expertise to help you tap into the growing demand for innovative marketing content.

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Create and distribute 3D content automatically. Beta launching soon.

Matterport Pro Camera

We are the Australian Local reseller for the Pro Camera. Order here.

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We work with a National network of 3D Technicians. Book your next 3D Tour here.

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Buyers Love it!

67% of users click through to 3D Tours versus traditional media

Scann3d - 3D Virtual Tours Online Engagement

Online Engagement

Users spend 52% longer on listings featuring 3D tours

Scann3d - 3D Virtual Tours

3D tours

3D tours provide 4x engagement compared to video

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The SCANN3D offering provides our customers with an innovative solution that allows them to immerse themselves in a Metricon home, and experience our designs in a revolutionary way.

Scann3d Quote Mark
Scann3d Testimonial Referee 1

Martin Green

Learning & Interpretations Manager

The National Trust

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Jason Kounnas


Hudson Bond

Scann3d Testimonial Referee 3

Kelly Millar

Digital Marketing Manager

Metricon Homes



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